Future digitalis lodges its servers in one of the more modern datacenters at national level: IP CORE, located in Madrid. Not to depend on third parties it allows us to offer a professional service, to have under our control all the technical aspects and to be able to act quickly in case of incidences.

The datacenter IP CORE counts on all the systems necessary to guarantee the correct operation of the servers, connectivity with several operators of network, superfluous systems of feeding, measures against fires, personnel of security 24x7 etc¦

Our administrators at any moment monitor the state of the network to anticipate themselves to any type of incidence such as falls, elevated traffic, suspicious activities, denial-of-service attacks, phising, Spam etc¦

Dedicated personnel

  • Our success is based on the effort and dedication of our workers.

Innovating technology

  • Our team of professionals constantly updates the systems with the last technology available and develops innovating tools that more functionalities add.

Bet by the quality

  • Why to choose between power and stability if everything can be had. In Order3Onlinev there are refining progressively our technological base to provide a service superior. Based on the resisted stability of the servers HP Proliant and the processors of last generation Intel Xeon our servers estan enabled to support intensive applications without seeing it jeopardize their stability.

Guaranteed Uptime

  • We offer a guarantee of operation of the 99,9%. In case of carrying out any task of maintenance in our servers, we will transparently do it for you.

A platform to your measurement

In Order3Onlinev we only used equipment of the highest quality. Our network this cradle in the stability and reliability of machines endorsed by manufacturers as HP, Cisco or Intel.

We create firmly that the key of the success of our business, in addition to the customized support to our clients, is the quality of our technological platform. Combining one it only releases experience with the technology of completes generation is possible to be waited for a result that guarantees your tranquillity.